October 17, 2012

Today, Bailey and Calli were here on the same day! It was a miracle! Mr. Sarte read to us than we looked up Ted talks and chose one that was interesting to us. Than we started another inquiry for Mr. Sarte’s class. Than we got to work on our classes I did english and finished the sixth short story. Than it was lunch and I watch a tv show, than after lunch I worked on my Iquiry and found some really good sites and continued on my blog. Also we got our school pictures and gocards!

October 16, 2012

Today Mr. Soiseth talked to us about how we would be getting graded in our next report card. Than I worked on Math and than we took a little break because we had been working for 2 hours. During lunch I talked to Mrs. Young. Finally after munch I worked on my Inquiry, that was my day.

October 12, 2012

Today, for the morning (three hours) we worked on how to cite a picture proberly, with a quote and all. After linch we worked on our schooling and I did just some math because I felt like  i want able to concentrate very much.

October 11, 2012

Yesterday after I got home from soccer we got some upsetting news. My best friends, best friend had committed suicide and succeeded. It was an emotional night and I don’t think anyone got very much sleep. So today everyone was in a sad mood, no one seemed to be acting like our selves. We we’re very mellow today. I wasn’t able to concentrate very much this morning but in the afternoon i worked on english and got some things done.

October 10, 2012

Today, a couple of us went out to do some weed pulling. We spent three hours in a little creek out near the superstore. We picked  a lot  of invasive species that by the time we were done it looked like a whole new area. I was so proud! once we got back we started to do our inquiry/class room time. I switched between math and english and got a good amount done.

Scavanger-Hunt questions


1.a) Learning to cite and source – Scavenger hunt

2. a) A by-nc-sa is three different acronyms put together to make one word, they are put together to create a type of Creative Commons license

– The by stands for Attribution. Attribution means that you must attribute (or cite) any work, picture, quotes, etc… in the manner that the original author would like to be cited. Yet, once you have done that you may not put it in a way that suggests that the original author did not premote that kind of use.

– The nc stands for Noncommercial. This means that you may not use the original authors work as a way to make money for yourself without the authors knowledge.

– Lastly the sa stands for Share Alike. This means that if you change the piece in anyway or add to it, you may publish the finished product but only under the same or similar liscences to its original one.

2. b) http://imagebase.davidniblack.com/main.php. I prefer the Creative Commons website that Mr. Truss showed us because i found it easier to find pictures and site them quicker.

4. “Yes. You are free to report the facts and ideas embodied in another person’s article or web page. Copyright only protects the expression — the combination of words and structure that expresses the factual information — not the facts themselves.” – copied from: https://www.eff.org/issues/bloggers/legal/liability/IP

Amanda Michelle Todd, October 12, 2012

Amanda Michelle Todd took her own life on October 10, 2012. She was bullied, made fun of, and a multitude of other things. Yet, we can’t remember her by how she died but by how she lived. She would want to be remembered for the good, not the bad. Because of her even more awarness can be spread about bullying, we need to show people what words of hate can do, and hopefully put an end to bullying one day.

R.I.P Amanda Michelle Todd, November 27, 1996 – October 10, 2012.

October 9, 2012

Today, for topical workshop we watched a video diary about two british guys crossing British Coloumbia.Than we went into our class time and i worked on Math. Than we had lunch and four of us went to subway. Later we got back and worked on our inquiry than I got to work a little more on my math.

October 3, 2012

Today, we did some math for our topical workshop before pictures. My pictures are going to be amazing! After we went to lunch and me Alannah, Callie, Shauna, and Sophia went for pho (a Vietnamese restaurant). Once we got back we started working on our new inquiry subject, mine is ‘What is the role of science in a politicaly charged environment such as climate. Than we got to do our school part, I did math.